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Is Whitening Your Teeth Truly Safe to do at Home?


With the ongoing obsession with social media and photo sharing happening all over the globe throughout 2016, it’s become the status quo to look your best in your pictures. Maybe you utilize one of the many filters that are available in apps such as Instagram, or Facebook to touch up your images, but what about the things you wish to improve about your profile face in real life, such as whitening your teeth?

E! News online referred to Kylie Jenner for instance who took the world by storm in 2016 by surging to an all time high in popularity. The little sister of the infamous Kim Kardashian jumped on the dental whitening train by promoting a product called “His Smile”, which catapulted the sales of whitening kits online and over the counter immensely, but dentists are weighing in on the safety of using them…the results may surprise you.

Dental professionals are warning the public to not overdo it with whitening kits at home just to save a few dollars. Many opt for the at home, do it yourself version over having their teeth done with their dentist due to the expense and convenience it saves them doing it via the comfort of their bathrooms at home. The issue is that some kits have peroxide in them, and this can be very bad for your teeth. Others contain sodium bicarbonate, which doesn’t have the same damaging effects on tooth enamel that peroxide can cause. Over time, if you use these whitening products too frequently, they can result in tooth sensitivity or tooth erosion, which is what your dentist wants you to avoid.

Your best bet is to always read the labels to see exactly what is in the whitening kits first before you buy them, or see your dentist and get a price on having it done with the pros.





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