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Is The Widely Abused Street Drug “Special K” Able To Cure Depression?


If the title of this article has you shaking your head, you’re not alone. Unbelievable to some, but the results are on that many patients struggling with mental illness have found excellent relief with this non traditional form of treatment.

Special K, otherwise medically known as “ketamine” is popping up all over the states as a form of treatment for everything from pain to chronic depression. Alan Ferguson 54, had already been well entrenched in the throws of depression for years trying everything under the sun with little to no improvement. He had already attempted suicide before, and has since still had to fight the demons that depression can bring each day. Trying all of the conventional methods of depression treatment with little long term success, Alan had enough and began the controversial ketamine injections.

Within a very short time frame he was feeling more like himself, and eventually had absolutely zero suicidal thoughts. Miraculous? Yes, but not to those within the medical community as many have found success just like Alan has through this medication. While it may not have the best reputation as ketamine is widely known as a popular street drug, it has medicinal properties that are well worth the time to research and utilize in patients that have been suffering with various forms of depression for decades. There are also the unwanted side effects that come with traditional prescription antidepressant medicines such as weight gain, feeling extremely tired, to libido loss that millions of people living with these challenges just don’t want to deal with.

CNN advised to receive this type of ketamine treatment you must have all your ducks in a row as no doctor is just going to roll out the injections without some real proof. You also usually have to get the injections at a ketamine clinic, which may be hard to find depending on where you reside. It’s also not generally covered under your health insurance, so while this may cost a few hundred dollars per injection, it may save your life in a very literal sense.





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