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Will Cutting Out Dairy Cure Your Acne?


Who doesn’t love a good cheese platter, or a bowl of cereal when you just don’t feel like cooking anything major? These go to dairy fixes may be tasty, but they may also be ruining your beautiful skin. It’s been no secret for years that many celebrities, and dermatologists like have raved about the skin benefits of not consuming dairy. While cutting out your glass of milk with warm cookies may not work for everyone with acne challenges, it has been known to work wonders for hundreds of people.

Self magazine report that Brian Turner was fed up with how acne was running wild on his skin after he stopped taking the very popular acne medication, “Accutane” after a 70 week run with the prescription medication, Turner was seeking a new remedy. He decided to go vegan and start consuming a gallon of water each day. To some, this may appear as an extreme way to cure some acne on your face, but for someone who has suffered with the condition for quite some time, just about any possible cure you are willing to try.

As far back as you can likely think of you have been told to drink a lot of water. The benefits aren’t just skin deep either, as healthy water consumption can lead to lower digestive challenges, better sleep, healthy hair, and less headaches. The dairy part comes into play as many dermatologists have warned the public of how consuming dairy products can lead to acne over time. So much so, that within the last five years, thousands of patients have stopped eating dairy foods to trade off for blemish free skin. Experts do warn that dairy free living does work for most people to combat acne, but that there are people that this measure won’t be enough on it’s own. Working closely with a dermatologist can help get you on the fast track to clearer skin.





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