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What Will Be The Top Fitness Trends This Year?


Falling into a regular fitness routine seems to top everyone’s New Year’s resolutions and according to the 2018 Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, the number one fitness trend will be high-intensity interval training, also referred to as HIIT.

HIIT generally involves brief spurts of high-intensity physical activity, which is then followed with a short rest/recovery time.

For 12 years now, the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal has had their editors pass on an electronic questionnaire to thousands of physical therapists and personal trainers in order to foresee the top fitness and health trends for the new year. Over 4,100 professionals worldwide that specialize in fitness and health placed HIIT in the top spot with group training (i.e. fitness classes that include five or more participants) hitting second place. In third, wearable technology was listed (i.e. smartwatches and activity trackers), with body training coming in fourth, and strength training coming in fifth.

CNN reported that the President of the American College of Sports Medicine and report author Walter R. Thompson, stated that one of the reasons the survey was created was to assist in guiding the fitness industry. The survey is also useful when it comes to corporate wellness programs, community-based groups, and medical fitness centers. According to Thompson, these organizations require some direction when it comes to fitness trends in the industry, so they can use their resources towards something they know will work.

Interestingly enough, three new trends hit the top-20 region of the list, which includes:
Licensure for Fitness Professionals: Referring to the overall trend moving closer to fitness professional regulation, like personal trainers.

Core Training: Which focuses on conditioning and strength around thorax, back, and abdomen muscles.

Sport-Specific Training: Targeted for younger athletes where the focus is on a specific sport.
Additionally, 2018 will see a trend of older adults stepping back into gyms. Thompson noted that fitness clubs still get their highest revenues from the 25 to 35 aged demographics; however, ‘smart’ clubs are now altering music and lighting around the general times these goers are at work to welcome in the 60+ adults, so that they feel comfortable to step inside.

As always, yoga was still in the top ten, the same region since the survey started. Yoga continues to remain a popular fitness trend among all age groups and genders.





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