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Wine Before Bedtime Can Help With Weight Loss


It may seem like every wine connoisseur’s dream has finally come true, as recent research indicates that wine could potentially have weight loss benefits … especially if consumed close to bedtime. A July 2015 Washington State University study has revealed that drinking wine can result in losing weight, due to a compound found in the beverage, called resveratrol. The research revealed that the substance can transfer ‘white fat’ into a fat that can be burned off easier, referred to as ‘beige fat’.

Linking this idea with another study conducted in 2012, where that research revealed that wine before bed can help prevent snacking, which therefore could help with losing weight; and you have a recipe for weight loss success. Simply pour a few glasses at night, and wait to see the results! Still, it is important to note, the 2012 study did not involve humans, rather it was bees that were tested. Regardless, we are completely sold on this concept!

MSN reports that before you run out to purchase some bottles, while many may think this recent research is a great reason for a wine party come bedtime, medical experts warn that over consumption of alcohol can also have detrimental effects on a body. Doctors will agree, there are a plethora of other (healthier ways) to reap the advantages of resveratrol. The substance can be found in natural food items like strawberries, blueberries, and of course the source of wine: grapes.

So, while indulging in some wine before bed may be an excellent way to wind down after a long week, or celebrate an important milestone (and not feel guilty about the added calories); perhaps it is best to continue to watch how much you consume, and not overindulge on this drink; as the benefits of resveratrol do not outweigh the negative effects of alcohol in general.





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