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Woman Finds Kidney Donor On Craigslist


While on Craigslist, looking for marble slabs back in the summer, Glenn Calderbank saw an unusual ad that really hit home; it was a man looking for a kidney donor for his wife. Glenn replied to it, and now, months later, the 49 year-old is now prepping to give a new friend one of his kidneys: Nina Saria.

You see, Nina is facing a similar situation to what Glenn dealt with almost 15 years ago, when he placed an advertisement in his community newspaper for his wife at the time, Jessica. At that time, Jessica also was dealing with kidney disease, and Glenn unfortunately was not a match. During this time, placing a request for a donor within a classified ad was certainly not the norm, as organ donations were usually anonymous.

While a cadaver donation of a kidney and pancreas was given to his wife, complications ensued. Glenn experienced the struggles of having to watch the side effects of Jessica’s disease, as well as the pressure of dialysis. In 2011, Jessica passed away, after years of fighting kidney disease and diabetes.

While Glenn Calderbank did move on with his life, and remarry; he always had this feeling in his heart of wanting to help another. Then, he saw this Craigslist ad and contacted the Sarias, immediately after reading it.
According to the Craigslist ad, Nina was given a final-stage renal failure from microscopic polyangiitis diagnosis; meaning the kidney disease was, for the most part, symptomless and lying dormant. Nina had to start looking for a donor, and start dialysis right away. She also learnt that the donor list she was on meant a possible six to seven-year wait. Her hubby decided to try something different, and go via Craigslist to see if anyone would step up to help.

CNN reported that after receiving Glenn’s response, both families met at the Calderbank’s residence, where Glenn was able to share a scrapbook of Jessica’s kidney disease journey. After some testing, results came back that Glenn was in fact a match for Nina. He knew, despite any odds, that there was a reason he fell upon that Craigslist ad in the first place. After three months of testing, including blood work, and discussions with both lawyers and psychiatrists; Glenn was given the okay for his kidney donation.

Now, both Glenn and Nina are gearing up for the operation, taking place December 1st. Since this has all happened, the families have formed a bond, sharing dinner when they can, and even going out for chicken wings.
While Nina struggles with how she can pay Glenn back; Glenn notes that he does not want anything in return, however, he would like for her to ‘pass it on’.





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