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Can Your Beloved BBQ Grill Be Making You Sick?


With Americans celebrating Independence Day today, it will be the official kick off of the summer holidays. This equates longer sunshine filled days, kids home from school, swimming, campfires, and lots of BBQ parties. Enjoying a well prepared barbecue meal is a favorite pastime for millions all over the globe. The savory chicken, hot dogs for the kiddos, and grilled vegetables that your neighbors can smell cooking for hours are what summer memories are made of. All sounds delicious, and totally safe one would imagine as people have been doing this for decades. That is, until you become incredibly sick as a result of simply using your grill.

When you barbecue on a regular basis, you likely clean your grill frequently with a wire brush and possibly some cleanser. This common practice is exactly what happened to a woman residing in Connecticut as she consumed a burger and within 48 hours was being rushed to a nearby medical facility. Yahoo News reported that this horrific experience happened to Cheryl Harrison, as she ended up having to endure emergency surgery where the doctor removed a thin wire from a grille cleaning brush that became lodged in the patient’s body.

Ms. Harrison reported that once she consumed the burger she instantly felt sick, and that the pain was debilitating. She felt bloating and couldn’t even bare touching her abdominal area. As shocking as this may seem, it is actually not the first grill wire brush incident of it’s kind. The Center for Disease Control has revealed back in 2012 that they received reports of 6 people having the same issue as a result of ingesting wire bristles off of cleaning utensils. Severe neck or stomach pain are the two common symptoms that seem to appear immediately after the wire is swallowed. Once swallowed it has to travel through the intestines and the colon which as you can imagine, poses tons of pain and suffering for the patient. Experts ask that you pay very close attention to cleaning your grill, and wipe away any loose wires that may have fallen onto the cooking surface prior to placing any food down.


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