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Woman Nearly Dies From Infection After Letting Her Dog Lick Her Face


Millions of pet owners adore their dogs like family members, and care for them dearly. They shower them with kisses and cuddles, and definitely use them as cozy blankets during winter months on cold nights in bed. While this may all be normal protocol to the average dog owner, that may all change after hearing about one woman’s journey simply loving her dog.

The Daily Mail recently reported an astonishing story involving a 70 year old female and a near fatal trip to the emergency room as a result of allowing her furry friend lick her in the face. The dog was an Italian Greyhound, and doctors treating her advised that they believe she contracted the illness that began shutting down her organs from cavities in the dog’s mouth that were passed onto the dog owner. She contracted a rare illness called sepsis, which quickly spread through her body nearly killing her. She was admitted to the hospital after emergency responders found her unresponsive in her apartment, and within four days it was reported that she was starting to feel better to some degree. By the fifth day though, trouble began to set in and she was placed inside the intensive care unit where she stayed for a number of days. In total, the patient remained in the hospital for 30 days and was finally discharged after receiving a slew of antibiotics.

Capnocytophaga canimorsus bacteria was the culprit in this particular health scare, which is not exactly considered common in the medical field. It is however, more susceptible to those who are elderly, babies, pregnant, and those living with challenged immune systems. No one is about to tell dog owners how to raise their pets, or that they shouldn’t express love to them by any stretch as that’s not feasible. It may be worth your time to consult with your vet about your thoughts, and formulate your reaction to the news that dogs can certainly make their owners sick in rare cases.


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