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Woman Survives Shark Attack Thanks To Fitness, Say Doctors


Doctors have said a Californian woman recently survived a shark attack off the southern coast of the state, due largely in part because of fitness. While the women suffered a single bite off her shoulder, she was strong enough to trend through water, until someone could come and rescue her.

Maria Korcsmaros, 52 years of age, was found in the Pacific Ocean by lifeguards, on May 22nd, via a patrol boat that was approximately 150 meters from the Newport Beach shoreline. Life guards took notice of the woman, who seemed distressed, and reacted.

The doctors who treated Korcsmaros credited her survival to the incredible shape she was in, as she was in training mode for the Ironman triathlon, when she was attacked by the shark. In addition, Korcsmaros did not go into shock, after she was attacked.

Philip Rotter, a hospital physician at Orange County Global Medical Center noted the fact that Korcsmaros treaded water and was able to, ‘hold her own’ until help came, was remarkable.

According to the medical center, Maria is currently in stable condition, and expected to survive.
The incident occurred on the Sunday of the American Memorial Day long weekend; a holiday that commemorates the unofficial start to summer, for the country.

Reuters reported listed in the University of Florida’s Shark Attack File, the number of shark attacks in 2015 were 98; and there is an expected rise in those numbers for 2016 due to an increase in shark populations and other factors.
As per Maria’s LinkedIn page, she is an aerobics instructor and personal trainer. Humberto Sauri, Orange County Global Medical Center, adds that Korcsmaros is very calm, and seems like quite a strong woman.

The doctors’ focus now is to avoid infections from the bite. Interestingly enough, Korcsmaros still has teeth marks from the chomp, that extend from shoulder to pelvis. It is not known as of yet, what type of shark attacked the woman.

Great whites are infamous for hunting along the California coast, however generally refrain from people; and shark attacks are, for the most part, uncommon.

On June 19th, a boy, 13 years of age, was bitten by a shark, on his right leg.





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