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More Women are Battling Alcoholism While Pregnant Than Ever Before


For most women, learning they are pregnant is a joyful, amazing time in their lives. For others, it can mean huge changes are on the way; some so catastrophic they may require medical treatments to evolve into a healthy new mom. Imagine suffering from alcoholism for years, then realizing that you’re with child and what those habits mean to your baby. This dreadful battle is growing and being fought with roughly 20% of women carrying babies, as reported by the National Library of Medicine.

Recently, the Oakland Press expanded on a woman that contacted the folks at the “Dear Abby” column for some advice on this very subject. The woman stated the following:

“I just realized I’m six weeks pregnant. I have always wanted to start a family and raise children with my fiancé, but I have a big problem. I am an alcoholic and have been struggling with this issue for a few years. I don’t know the effect this could have on my baby, but I know it isn’t good. My fiancé also drinks a lot, and our home situation isn’t the greatest for a child because of it.”

Naturally, Dear Abby gives this lady some sound advice to seek help and stop drinking immediately to not further do any damage to the unborn child. While that’s all said and done, if it were that simple to end drinking no one would suffer through years and years of dangerous alcoholism for no reason. Addiction is a very serious problem, and many aren’t even aware they are addicts. Finding out that you are pregnant can put emphasis on your habits, but being able to shut those addictive cravings off like a switch isn’t all that cut and dry.

Alcoholism during pregnancy can result in everything from premature births, to birth defects, to death. It’s serious business growing a child inside your body, some women do everything from cutting out sugar and caffeine during those nine months to get the best possible outcome for a healthy baby. If you, or someone you know is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction whilst pregnant, please help to guide them to resources locally that can start the process of sobriety.





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