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Women Who Have Had Benign Breast Cancer Masses Now At Risk?


If you are like most women, the mere thought of breast cancer is always lingering around. It has become such an epidemic that every woman has either had her own close call with the disease, or knows someone who has. Self-exams and annual mammograms are key to prevention and early detection, but what if you had a finding of some sort years ago and it was benign, are you still in the clear?

For decades ladies have had their brush with breast cancer by having their physician inform them of a mass they found. The women are instantly relieved when they learn the mass was benign and assume they were one of the lucky ones. In recent Mayo Clinic news there is a condition commonly found in these women who have benign mass findings called “atypical hyperplasia”. This is becoming so popular, that 100,000 ladies annually are told they have one of these non-cancerous masses.

Usually, the patients are advised that they may run a higher risk of developing breast cancer down the road, but it was never something set in stone in the same fashion as this new research. The New England Journal of Medicine as well as the Mayo Clinic have conducted their own separate studies on the topic of women with atypical hyperplasia and both have come to same conclusion. New England found that most have a 7% probability of begin diagnosed with breast cancer within just five short years of that initial benign scare. The numbers continue to 13% after ten years of the biopsy, and 30% odds after 25 years have passed. Not exactly astounding results, if you were once told you were most likely going to be cancer free to now having only a 30% percent chance of not developing cancerous cells in your breast after a whopping 25 years, that’s a significant amount of time with a high risk percentage still lingering.

The Huffington Post went on to further reiterate on the popular health matter which urges more patients with the confirmed diagnosis of atypical hyperplasia to continue on their own path of diligence thereafter. The publication in speaking with the research team from the Mayo Clinic reports that women should forge onward and get regularly scheduled MRIs following this type of benign scare. Utilizing medications that are actually available to prevent cancer of the breast especially for these type of potential future cancer patients. In the past, no one in the medical field was seeing the urgency in needing these females to follow up with the imaging because for years no one felt they were at risk.

This is definitely a hot button that will be dug much deeper throughout 2015 one can imagine. Breast cancer awareness and patient education has come so far over the past decade that it has its own month of October for the world to support research such as this for the fatal disease. If you, or someone you love has been effected by one of the benign mass biopsies in the past, it is certainly urged to consult with medical teams to see if further imaging on a routine basis is needed now that this research has become more forthright publicly.





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