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Why Are Women Suffering From Migraines More Than Men?


A migraine is one of those health developments that can start off as a bad headache, then within a few hours, you are stuck living in a dark room with no desire to do anything until it heals. You generally can sense when one of these devilish bouts of pain is about to erupt, and for some, they can sadly last for hours or even days. To add some not-so-stellar news on this International Women’s Day; experts are weighing in that the ladies are far more prone to experiencing headaches than the guys.

How can an entire gender be more susceptible to horrible migraines?

Some 30% of all women will have to live with migraines at some point in their lifespans. Which is crazy, right? Medically speaking, a migraine constitutes as a massively painful headache that lasts anywhere from 4 hours, to 3 days. During that time, the patient is codependent on darkness as sensitivity to light can often be the worst part of having one. The pain tends to pulsate, and some experience nausea, or vomiting. Most people that have them often have to go directly to sleep to gain any type of relief from them, but there are those that wake up and still have them.

According to Fox 8, women get them more frequently due to hormonal changes, or stress playing a role. A very high number of ladies report migraines at the beginning of their periods, which is when the hormones really take the female body on a ride. It’s not something that birth control, or certain medications can generally control for women, which can be very inconvenient if they are one of the women that develop a migraine with every menstrual cycle. Stress is the other culprit of the dreaded migraine headaches, and with so many busy Moms and women around the globe, it’s no real surprise that the ladies are more prone to getting them.

Doctors recommend staying well hydrated, and wearing sunglasses if you are someone that gets migraines frequently. Knowing what triggers them is key to preventing them in the future, such as eating chocolate, or drinking wine. If you notice certain foods contribute to your headache episodes, then for sure keep a food journal, and consult with your doctor about the results.





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