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Work Performance Improved By Standing During Meetings


We all know what work meetings can be like. Boring. It can often be hard to concentrate on the meeting or even to stay awake during it. So how well do you think your work performance is after a meeting where you feel like you have fallen asleep? Work performances have been shown to be much lower in people who sat during meetings as opposed to those that stood.

Studies are now suggesting that standing instead of sitting during a meeting will benefit your overall work performance. The study compared meetings where participants were sitting and others where they stood. They found that the meetings in which participants were standing found that people were typically more excited about the meeting and offered up more ideas. Through this experiment they found that the meetings benefited the overall group performance.

The study was conducted at Olin Business School at Washington University and the findings published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

The study suggested that organizations should conduct meetings where employees can not sit down. That the smallest of changes could cause better work performance.

Researchers wanted to determined whether standing during a meeting as opposed to sitting actually improved overall work performance.

During the study participants used standing desks and researchers found that those that stood during meetings were less territorial when it came to sharing ideas with others. The participants were put into teams for 30 minutes and asked to work together. Some of them were asked to sit down while others were at standing desks.

When the studies were completed they determined that the teams that were standing were more aroused and produced far better work than the groups that sat down the entire time. Those teams were more excited about projects and were less protective when it came time to share their ideas.

The researchers found the study interesting to see how peoples behaviour improved with changes as small as making them stand instead of sit.

The same type of study was conducted that found that walking will boost creative thinking. Researchers at Stanford University in California compared people who walked as opposed to sitting and found that the people that walked prior to using their brains creativity had an output of 60% more than the people who sat down.

Not all thinking is equal however, the studies showed that brainstorming thinking in the forms of creative or divergent thinking is very different than the focused thinking that requires quick correct answers. When it comes to the focused thinking sitting seems to provide better results whereas walking helps when it comes to the creative side.






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