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World Health Day to Focus On The Diabetes Epidemic


In 2016, the world seems to have taken notice on the importance of taking better care of themselves; especially over past decades where sipping on Diet Coke and cigarettes for lunch was thought of as acceptable. Everyone now knows they need to maintain a healthy diet, get some activity into their lives each day, and even keep in contact with their medical team to ensure nothing serious is brewing in their bodies. With that, it should come to no surprise that all will be celebrating “World Health Day” on Thursday, April 7th.

What exactly is World Health Day? Good question, as it does simply imply just celebrating good overall health, but the primary focus is to be centered on diabetes. Each year, the World Health Organization chooses one facet of health to shed some light upon, and 2016’s, appropriately so, is diabetes. If you haven’t yet jumped on the “sugar is bad for you” wagon yet, you probably need to do some research on how your body processes sugar, how much of it you’re consuming each day, and how it can cause your body to suffer in other ways.

Roughly 350 million, yes that’s millions, are currently living with some form of diabetes. Why are so many faced with the ailment now? For one, people went far too long not taking care of their diets for many, many years. It wasn’t until recently that experts started making it clear about the impact of consuming certain foods and the general public being able to tangibly see what happens after years and years of poor diet and little to no exercise. Take sodas for example, millions used to suck sodas down on a daily basis as if it was water. Then the news started to coming out about how soda destroys bone health, and how the sugar in the drinks is incredibly damaging, and quickly folks began to cut back on them.

Diabetes, as reported by Newsminer, is supposed to double over the next two decades. All because generations no longer live healthier than their parents once did, which is a scary thought. Kids are living off of processed foods made in the microwave, versus a home cooked dinner with meats and vegetables. It’s rare to have one parent at home with the children anymore, as the cost of living is so pricey that most families have to have both parents holding down full time careers. Soon as that happens, the diets of all involved become compromised.

1.25 Million American children are reported to be currently living with type I diabetes, as type II is more common in kids currently. Take action to all of the parents reading this today, and please speak to your children about the importance of healthy eating and fitness habits. Set a good example by getting fit with your children and your spouse, and try to keep only foods offering good nutrition in the house for times when you may not be home and they have to get snacks and meals on their own.





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