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Worried About Keeping Those Healthy New Year’s Resolutions?


It’s the season to embrace change, spread love, and make those long awaited goals of yours actually come to fruition this upcoming year! Millions of people around the globe will be scribbling down their New Year’s resolutions, and the common problem seems to be sticking to them and having some type of tangible reward at the end. So, how can you see to it that you achieve those wonderful goals this 2018?

Experts on the matter all have one running theme to solve this issue: accountability! You go to work everyday because you’re being accountable to provide a roof over your head, and support your family. This isn’t something you can run away from, because who wants to be homeless? Your New Year’s resolutions need to have a level of you being held accountable to see them through, or else they can be too easy to stray from and not hold your end of the bargain up throughout the coming year.

For instance, if you have a goal to become more fit in 2018, then assign someone in your life the duty of holding you accountable. A friend, spouse, or hire yourself a personal trainer; just someone that is checking in with you a few times per week to ensure that you are seeing this through. Many personal trainers use the power of smartphones to their advantage to keep their clients responsible for their weight loss journey. A lot of them enforce rules to their training plans such as sending them journals or photos of what their daily meals are via text message, so that the trainer is actually seeing the work being put in by their clients.

In a great article placed on The Guardian, it reveals other great tips to stay on track with meeting your goals, such as using smartphone apps to track your progress, and allowing yourself days when maybe life just gets in the way and you have to skip a day. The most important take away seems to be to create goals that are achievable. Don’t expect something that’s just not going to be able to develop in one year of yourself, and share your goals with someone that your trust and respect that will give your their honest opinion on whether or not your goals are right in line with your lifestyle and if they are obtainable. You can do this! Congrats on taking the first step to an improved version of you in 2018!





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