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Is Yoga The Key To Curing The Opiate Withdrawal Crisis?


In 2018, there are millions of people trying to get past their challenges with opiate addictions, but no matter how diligent they are, they just cannot seem to let the habit die. There are a multitude of layers that defines a true opiate addiction; from the physical aspect of actually taking the opiates, to the layer of how it makes them feel, to the hardest layer; trying to stop entirely taking them. It seems easy enough for most of us to break down. Just stop taking the opiate products, right? Not hardly, as experts are making it very clear that for these patients, it just isn’t that simple.

Recently, a story on this very topic published by the National Public Radio website shed some light on the day to day life on opioids for one woman with chronic pain. She had been prescribed pain medications for quite some time, with her current dosage at three pills per day. Due to the obvious opiate crisis going on all over the nation, her medical team advised they wanted to wean her off of these pills, so that she wouldn’t be living the rest of her adult life on medications. Her alternatives for pain? Over the counter options of course are considered to be much safer, or lighter prescription medication options such as Meloxicam are widely used during this transitional time.

Another excellent way to combat pain, both mentally and physically, is to incorporate other therapeutic options such as yoga. Yoga is finally getting the praise that it deserves, as it can help with emotional pain, and even lend a helping hand in curing some patients of ailments they have suffered with for many years.

Yoga is even being implemented in many state correctional facilities, and the results can be everything from weight loss, to maintaining a healthy emotional state while coping with the effects of residing in a prison facility. Yoga is well known to help with sleeping conditions, and can be done in the comfort of your own living room, and even with your kids!

Give it a shot today, and see if a few minutes of yoga a day starts to change your whole world! If you, or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, please check out any of these resources to start getting back your life the way you want it, on your terms:





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