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Yoga May Help Asthma Sufferers


Yoga has been praised over the years, for the tremendous amount of health benefits associated with the fitness activity. Helping with stress relief, posture, weight management, as well as back pain; the Cochrane Review, a recent research study, noted yoga may also help asthma sufferers with their symptoms, and general quality of life.
Published in the Cochrane Library, Dr. Zuyao Yang, lead author, Chinese University of Hong Kong and his team launched a review of 15, controlled and randomized trials, that had just over 1,000 participants involved; with a majority of these individuals suffering from mild or moderate asthma.

Medical News Today reported that five of the trials focused on breathing only, while the other ten trails incorporated breathing, posture, as well as meditation. Participants still took their asthma medications during these trials, ranging over a time period of two weeks, to over four years.

The research revealed some evidence that fell into the moderate quality range, that yoga may indeed help those with asthma as it relates to their overall quality of life, and reduce asthma symptoms as well. Despite this, the study was not able to gather enough information to point to the activity as a way to improve lung function, as the trials produced differing results.

Furthermore, the team could not conclude if yoga decreases the need for asthma medication, or if the activity garners any side effects, long term; with trials assessing both these outcomes.

Overall, the team says that more research and high-quality evidence on the positive effects yoga has on asthma sufferers is needed before the activity can be encouraged as another treatment option for people with this respiratory condition.

As more research is needed, it is highly recommended that those with asthma continue to use their medication, when needed. While the Cochrane Review provided valuable insight, more evidence is needed when it comes to yoga, and its effects on asthma.






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