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Young Girl Hospitalized After Dental Surgery


While there will always be millions of parents out there reading this story wondering why on Earth a 5 year old girl requires dental surgery at all, please rest assured that not all dental patients have the same challenges. Many children are born with genetic issues resulting in the need for surgery, and some may require it after resulting in an accident, and so forth. Sure, there will always be parents that just didn’t do their best caring for their little one’s teeth, but no matter why a young child goes in, there is never any reason to end up being hospitalized afterwards.

The CBC reported that Autumn Ferguson was about to begin her adventure in kindergarten when just prior she was scheduled to have dental surgery and be cleared in enough time to be right on track for school. She required some extractions and was somehow given oxygen incorrectly and quickly ended up in the hospital. The mother, who had to wait in a separate room and not be with her daughter during this procedure, was informed after that she suffered collapsed lungs. Can you imagine?

Sadly, when dental surgery is involved you really can have anything happen. From your child’s sedation not fully working and them feeling a traumatic amount of pain, to bleeding troubles and so forth, which is why so many parents are saying “no” to dental surgery. In many cases the parents don’t feel as if they have an option, but some are baby teeth and a procedure could often be totally prevented.

Some great tips are to get a second opinion before putting your little one in a surgical situation, and to always voice your concerns with the surgeon prior to ever agreeing any surgery. Hopefully, you end up on the positive side of these cases where your child doesn’t ever require any procedures, but if they do always follow your gut and ask those uncomfortable questions!





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