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‘Younger’ Demographic Regard Soap Bars As Gross


Back in the day, one would have to walk miles upon miles in the snow, rain, hail or sleet to get to school, when today’s youngsters can take the bus or beg mom and dad for a drive. Remote controls were non-existent, and if we wanted the channel changed, the youngest sibling in the house was given that shameful duty. Perhaps the same goes for soap: when it came to baths, showers, or even hand-washing, the bar of soap ruled the bathroom.

CNN reported that according to recent research however, soap bars are now officially becoming a thing of the past.

The marketing firm of Mintel has dived in the suds of the soap debate, with research numbers revealing that soap bars have decreased in sales; five percent to be exact, from 2010 to 2015.

Mintel’s research revealed that the bar of soap seems to be associated with a plethora of negativity. In fact, 48% of potential buyers out there regard the soap bar as simply a bacteria refuge. Furthermore, 60% of younger customers today (18 to 24 age demographic) are repulsed by the very thought of bacteria on their soap.

There’s even more bad news for those who hold a deep commitment to soap bars. According to Mintel’s research, apparently one-third of this younger demographic (25 to 35 years of age) have declared they would never use a bar of soap on their face, versus the 60% of people who do, that are 65 years or older.

To round off all these statistics, 55% of those who participated in the research stated that overall, soap bars are not as convenient as their liquid counterparts. They slip, they slide, they are hard to get a hold of, they fall, and what not. At times for some, soap bars can make the hand-washing, bathing, showering (etc.) experience, not a good one at all.

Still, for those who are dedicated to their soap bars, there is a good news/bad news situation going on. Sure, not everyone views bars of soap as taboo; the bad news is, if you do love your soap bars (whether that be in the shower, or to get a good hand-washing out of) … you just may be … old *gasp*.

At the end of the day, age may not have anything to do with the bar of soap debate, it just may be a personal hygiene thing. It probably depends on who you ask.






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