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More And More Younger Women Are Rocking Their Grey Hair With Confidence


Years ago women would go to great lengths to cover those grey, pesky hairs and not dare walk out of the house showing that aging process to the world. In 2018, women couldn’t be happier to embrace their grey locks and have even started a campaign to encourage others to do so under the #greyhairdontcare message.

Women have a totally different experience just trying to be accepted by society once they show they have grey hair, especially if they are under 40. And yet if a man has grey hair he’s labeled as this sex symbol, or as a silver fox. The double standard certainly isn’t fair, and it’s refreshing to see more women celebrating together and feeling totally comfortable in their own skin.

Having grey hair can be one of those moments where you realize that you aren’t perhaps as young as you once were. Or, you can take it as simply part of life and embrace the entire process regardless of how old you are at the time your grey starts coming through. The Sun recently covered four women with various stories about how they’ve happily worn their grey hair with a smile on their faces, and it really puts things into perspective for hopefully lots of other women to follow.

With social media constantly throwing ideas out there as to what society thinks men or women should look like, and how it encourages a stigma that we just can’t be accepted as we are, it’s lovely to see this type of campaign getting attention. You can join the movement and add your beautiful grey look by posting your photos of your look with the hashtag- #greyhairdontcare. Get onboard today if you’ve been going back and forth about maybe dying your hair, or sticking with the natural look. Go team grey!!





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